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Wendell & Yvonne Lowe

Wendell & Yvonne Lowe

My wife and I have been camping for many years. We have been married more than 63 years. We started camping in the 1960's when our children were very young. We first went camping in a tent. Then we had a popup camper. We went from that to a pull trailer. Then in 1980 we bought our first motor home and we fell in love with traveling in a motor home.

In 2010 we bought our first diesel motor coach. We purchased it with the idea of renting it to qualified people who would care for it like we do. 

This past September 2014 we took a 27 day trip in our 2006 Fleewood Excursion traveling to New Mexico via Branson, MO, Tulsa, OK, and Amarillo, TX. I pull my 2013 GMC Terrain vehicle. Going from Alamogordo NM to Carlsbad we went over the mountain to Cloudcroft which is a 9,500 ft mountain pass and that 350 HP Cat diesel did a fine job. The Allison Transmission has 6 forward gears so when you are going up it is best to gear it down to #2 or #3 and then coming down, depending on the steepness of the grade you can gear it down to #2 or #1. I love driving the mountains becasue of the raw power of my diesel.

I am asked frequently about what kind of driver license is needed. The answer is just a regular driver license, nothing special.


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